Mystery Visit: Essentials

$ 1000

per day, plus airfare, accommodations, critiqued services and meals

  • Detailed Report on service, issues, solutions, and how to improve.
  • Two Consultants will visit for a minimum of four nights (one male, one female), as a couple. Both with a long history of luxury travel, and at least one will be a C-level executive (*more)
  • Analysis of at least two room types (two nights each minimum), the cuisine / restaurant / room service, the level of service, the grounds and hallways, and the lobby.

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Add-on: Magazine

$ 2500

one-time fee

  • Article** about your resort/hotel in Urbanette Magazine, both print edition and permanently online (*more on readership)
  • Professional Photography and video of the grounds, food and room, etc. that you can re-use.
  • PDF of the print edition’s cover and your article that you can re-publish, with credit.
  • Social Media postings to over 100,000 followers on Urbanette Magazine and their editor’s social media accounts.
  • Regular Price: $8500

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** Urbanette Magazine reserves the right to cancel (and refund) the add-on if they deem that the service or establishment isn’t up to the standards they require. They may also choose to re-visit the establishment, at the cost of the resort, once the required adjustments or upgrades have been made by the establishment, and then write a review based on that visit.
As an added bonus, while a Pearls & Pocket Squares consultant is at the establishment, they will be sharing the positive aspects of their stay on their social media. For example, Hilary Rowland would share photos on her Twitter, Facebook (Page and Profile), Instagram and Pinterest accounts throughout the stay.

Add-on: Web Analysis

$ 1800


  • Complete Analysis of your web presence and website by top firm Juice Rocket
  • SEO analysis to improve Google search engine ranking
  • Website Design report and complete analysis with suggestions
  • Expert Suggestions for improvements
  • Regular Price: $4200

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Add-on: Interior Design

$ 800

per room

  • Report compiled by top interior designers
  • Designer chosen specifically based on your resorts esthetic and who would be the best fit
  • Suggestions for low-cost and easily implemented improvements
  • Regular Price Range: $2200 to $3600 (depending on designer)

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