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Mystery Hotel Guests

We secretly visit and critique your resort or hotel, then offer detailed solutions for all the areas where guest experience is suffering.

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Website Help

We've partnered with Juice Rocket to bring you affordable and useful website & SEO critiques and detailed solutions as an optional add-on.

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Media Coverage

We teamed up with Urbanette Magazine to offer an add-on service: featured articles in a top online & print women's luxury lifestyle magazine.

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Design Suggestions

We will take video and show your rooms, hallways, restaurants, etc. to top interior designers for easy-to-implement design ideas.

You Should Know

How are you hearing about the issues?

Guests that tell management about issues directly


Guests that don’t tell any staff about service issues


5-star resort guests don’t mention issues to management


Lower-level staff that hear about issues but don’t tell management


Why choose us ?

Our staff are your ideal customers: CEOs and wealthy couples who have traveled in luxury their whole lives.

  • Why Choose Us

    93% of 5-star resort guests don't mention issues to management. Of the lower-level staff they do tell, 87% don't tell management because they don't want to get themselves or their colleagues into trouble. A full 83% of guests don't mention service issues to anyone at the hotel because they A) are on vacation and don't want to dwell on it, B) don't like confrontation, and C) decided that they won't re-visit the hotel/resort anyway.

  • How We Can Help

    If you own or manage a luxury resort or hotel, Pearls & Pocket Squares is here to help you find out how your guests REALLY feel about their stay.

  • Social Media Bonus

    As an added bonus, while a Pearls & Pocket Squares consultant is at the establishment, they will be sharing the positive aspects of their stay on all their social media.