Great Apps for Frequent Travelers

best travel apps

Phones and tablets are critical accessories for today’s business traveler. Beyond their obvious communications functionality, they’ve become mobile offices, accounting departments and travel assistants.

The fast-paced evolution of the mobile world is regularly changing the game, and there is an ever expanding library of apps that make life on the road significantly easier and more efficient–and simpler to navigate unfamiliar towns. We’ve dug up 10 apps that no business traveler should be without.

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Why use us? This is why:


When a guest has a negative experience at a luxury resort, 83% of them don’t tell any hotel staff about it because A) they don’t like confrontation on holiday, or B) they decided not to re-visit the resort and therefore it’s not in their interest to tell staff about the incident(s).

Of the 17% who speak up, only 7% tell someone in management. The other 10% tell a lower-level staff person.

Of those lower-level staffers, 87% of them do not tell management because they A) are afraid of losing their job, B) they don’t want to be a “rat” and get someone else in trouble, or C) they simply don’t care.

Guests that tell management about issues directly


Guests that don’t tell any staff about service issues


5-star resort guests don’t mention issues to management


Lower-level staff that hear about issues but don’t tell management