Founder Hilary Rowland has been an entrepreneur and avid traveler since she was 15 years old. Her parents were the authors of an award-winning travel guide series and, consequently, she was able to travel extensively and stay almost exclusively at Relais & Chateaux, 5-Star Alliance and Leading Luxury Hotels of the World resorts and hotels. As the founder of Urbanette Magazine, Hilary has been writing travel articles and luxury resort/hotel reviews for over 18 years. She travels at least once or twice per month, now with her husband who is also an experienced traveler.

Hilary and her entrepreneur and executive friends often talked about their travels. Many admitted they would not revisit certain hotels. In fact, they often confided that they had been very unhappy with their stay at extremely high-end resorts. When asked if they reported the reasons to management, almost none of them did. Indeed, some of the world’s best rated luxury hotels were sometimes the most disappointing – and the hotel’s owners had no idea.

This gave Hilary the idea to start the luxury travel consultancy service, Pearls & Pocket Squares. When Hilary asked her CEO and entrepreneur friends if they would be willing to travel to hotels and resorts in order to write reports on their hotel experience, she was surprised and delighted by their response. Most were enthusiastic and saw the opportunity as a way to share their many ideas on the details of what makes a superior experience and to help hotels and resorts improve.

With that, Hilary put together a training manual and a list of actions and notes to take during their stays, to keep the report quality consistent. Now, Pearls & Pocket Squares has a roster of several experienced and detail-oriented power couples that Hilary has personally selected and trained, who visit 5-star resorts and hotels and come back with a detailed report and list of implementable suggestions. Please contact us for an example.

As an added bonus, while a Pearls & Pocket Squares consultant is at the establishment, they will be sharing the positive aspects of their stay on their social media. For example, Hilary would share photos on Urbanette Magazine’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts throughout the stay.



Pearls & Pocket Squares works with only the most experienced and detail-oriented travelers. These men and women are not random applicants, ex-hotel managers or ex-waitresses, as with most other firms. Our small and carefully selected group of consultants are couples that are passionate about travel and service, they are wealthy in their own right and have a history of luxury travel since they were children. Most are entrepreneurs, CEOs of successful businesses, or wealthy travel journalists. Our consultants work with us not because they need to, but because they are passionate about detail and tired of sub-par service in their own travels.
We'll find out who is doing a great job and should be promoted, and where the staff are falling short. We can figure out solutions for all the areas where guest experience is suffering. We offer a complete analysis and suggestions for areas where services, amenities, grounds, and cuisine could be improved.
When a guest has a negative experience at a luxury resort, 83% of them don’t tell any hotel staff about it because A) they don’t like confrontation on holiday, or B) they decided not to re-visit the resort and therefore it’s not in their interest to tell staff about the incident(s).

Of the 17% who speak up, only 7% tell someone in management. The other 10% tell a lower-level staff person.

Of those lower-level staffers, 87% of them do not tell management because they A) are afraid of losing their job, B) they don’t want to be a “rat” and get someone else in trouble, or C) they simply don’t care.







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Guests that tell management about issues directly


Guests that don’t tell any staff about service issues


5-star resort guests don’t mention issues to management


Lower-level staff that hear about issues but don’t tell management


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